Melchisedec the King of Peace, the Holy Spirit

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  1. What is your source for the quote in which Sister White says Melchisedec is the Holy Spirit?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  2. Thank you for your response. I guess I am very interested to know who the eyewitness is and where you got this eye witness account. I will check the link you gave me. Thanks, once again.

    • So many people use the pioneer writings to say the Holy Spirit is not God. Then use Stephen haskells article in the south Lancaster papers that say he is the Holy Spirit.

  3. I have found the following information from an article that Arthur White wrote regarding the eyewitness account that you use in this article regarding what sister white said about Melchisedec. – “Identity of Melchizedek: Mrs. White reportedly identified Melchizedek as the Holy Spirit. This is based on the memory of one man. There is no sup­port in her writings for this teaching, and the memory statement is offset by denials of others who were present when Ellen G. White is supposed to have made this statement. She did not identify Melchizedek. See Ellen G. White statement in The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary, volume 1, page 1093, in which she says Melchizedek was not Christ.”

    • Correct. Ellen White said melchisdec was not Christ. That is because he is the Holy Spirit. If there are three beings in the godhead doesn’t that make sense that Jesus was called Michael in heaven and God is Jehovah and they Holy Spirit is Melchizedek. You don’t need Ellen Whites writings to prove this. The bi or says he has no beginning and that it is an eternal priesthood. What other evidence do you need? The bible is enough to prove who he is. Read all the other articles especially the one by Stephen Haskell where he says clearly he is the Holy Spirit.

  4. I am sorry, but from what I have read so far I cannot see any sound proof from the Scriptures that Melchisedec is the Holy Spirit.
    What is your source for Steven Haskell’s article that you posted? I cannot find it on the Words of the Pioneers (Folio Views).
    It is strange that Haskell would teach this understanding when he did not believe that the Holy Spirit was a separate and distinct person from the Father and the Son. The pioneers were non-trinitarian!
    Read what he teaches on the Holy Spirit in his Bible Handbook to get a Biblical understanding of the third person of the Godhead.

    • Hello. That article Stephen Haskell wrote is not in any database. It is from the egw estate. Not all writings of the pioneers or egw are published. The sda early church as a whole believed in a three person Godhead. It’s in the bible. All my articles must he read. I have supplied the link. We come to the bible to learn not to debate. I’m not interested in debating with you. This website represents truth not error or debate.

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