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Vegetarianism – A Test of Fellowship

Vegetarianism – A Test of Fellowship

By Peter Lausevic

The children of Israel were hoping for the eternal promises that were given by God. They were about to enter the Promised Land. It was in this context that God gave Israel the diet that was to benefit them. He wanted his nation to be representatives of truth to the world. It was promised to Abraham to be a blessing. If Israel accepted the principles of health reform, they would have been the nation that would have instructed the world. However, they failed and rejected the diet. Read the rest of this entry

Why Ellen White said do not make dress and diet a test and what she really meant


Should meat eating be a test of fellowship?

Many Seventh Day Adventists aren’t aware that Ellen White wrote a letter to A G Daniels urging him to circulate it for all to sign a pledge to dispense with meat eating.  He refused to circulate the letter so Ellen White then had to make the statement, we can’t make meat eating a test because the GC leadership were still eating it so we can’t enforce it on the people.   Isaiah 22:12-14 states clearly that eating clean meat in the day of atonement is a sin that God won’t purge;

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