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03 Man’s Improvements

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Man always wants to make good things better but it never works. God’s eternal purpose was to bring a people out of the world in practise. They would be different in the way they looked and acted and their amusements would be different. He wanted to give them the truth that they would hold it up so all the people from the four corners of the world would see it and be drawn out. A step by step chain of truth has progressed since the closing of the 2300 days. Read the rest of this entry


01 A Divine Movement

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Do you want to be a Nehemiah? Nehemiah built the walls of Jerusalem and fulfilled prophecy. It wasn’t an easy task. He had a difficult time and if we desire to be Nehemiah’s we need to understand a little of what he went through. The Spirit of Prophecy tells us there is need of Nehemiah’s in the church today. Read the rest of this entry

2. A Glorious System of Truth

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The Sabbath day was given to us by God for a purpose. One of the purposes is to know he created the world in six days. It is to remind us from where we came. We can read that in Exodus 20. In Deuteronomy the reason for keeping the Sabbath is because the Lord bought us out of Egypt. The Sabbath is meant to do two things, not just to dwell upon God’s creation and his power in the origin of our world, but also to dwell upon the fact he has and is bringing us out of the world, out of Egypt. The Sabbath is a day to remember these things. He said remember the Sabbath to keep it holy because he doesn’t want us to forget the Sabbath. Read the rest of this entry

04 One Thing after Another

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God has a church and that church is the pillar and ground of the truth. That truth has been given in its appointed time and the possibilities were there for Christ to come back but man has sought to make improvements in various ways. While the testimony of Jesus was active in his church much advancement came but it was held in check. When the testimony of Jesus, the Spirit of Prophecy was silenced and Ellen White was laid to rest then the mice come out to play. In our last study we read a prophecy of what would happen if the desired changes would take place. Read the rest of this entry