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Dress and Your Heart

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By Linda Kirk

This is written for Seventh-day Adventist Christians who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and have made a covenant with Him through baptism to follow Him wherever He may lead.

We invite you to prayerfully consider if you hear the voice of God speaking to your heart through these messages. If you are weak in your faith, or hesitant in your commitment to God, it is an urgent matter that you seek the inward adorning before considering your outward attire. Read the rest of this entry

A Suit and a Tie

“It goes without saying that a right tie completes men’s outfit and can literally work wonders. Suppose you see a man, an anchor, a businessman, or a politician on the TV; ask yourself what draws your attention first of all? I bet your answer is “their face.” What is the next – their tie?”  Antonio Centeno, President at A Tailored Suit, Austin, Texas

Why Do Some Men Complain About Having To Wear A Tie?

“In the 1960s, there was a definite lapse in the inclination of men to wear ties, as a result of the rebellion against both tradition and the formality of dress. But by the mid-1970s, this trend had reversed itself. Ties have been used to proclaim status, occupation, and even identity, as well as allegiance to a group or cause, often military. Neckwear has also had utilitarian purposes—to protect the neck or hide buttons on a shirt.”

Everything worn by the priest was to be whole and without blemish. By those beautiful official garments was represented the character of the great antitype, Jesus Christ. Nothing but perfection, in dress and attitude, in word and spirit, could be acceptable to God. He is holy, and His glory and perfection must be represented by the earthly service. Nothing but perfection could properly represent the sacredness of the heavenly service. Finite man might rend his own heart by showing a contrite and humble spirit. This God would discern. But no rent must be made in the priestly robes, for this would mar the representation of heavenly things. The high priest who dared to appear in holy office, and engage in the service of the sanctuary, with a rent robe, was looked upon as having severed himself from God. By rending his garment he cut himself off from being a representative character. He was no longer accepted by God as an officiating priest. This course of action, as exhibited by Caiaphas, showed human passion, human imperfection.  {DA 709.1} Read the rest of this entry

The History of Women’s Dress in Pictures

By Linda Kirk-Driver

Dress Reform and Physiology

By Dwayne Lemon, Audio: mp3

There are many different things that we talk about when it comes to health but there is one area that a lot of times we don’t consider yet it is one of the areas that science is confirming that the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy showed us a long time ago that would affect our health and that is the subject of dress.

In many respects allot of individuals are not aware that our dress can actually affect our health. What we would like to do is take a few moments so we can study the subject out and to see it from the Word of God. Read the rest of this entry

The Physiology of Dress Reform

By Dr. Collins, Audio: mp3

This is a topic that is very rarely ever discussed and not well understood even among people who claim to be ‘dress reformers ’. It is a matter that needs to be better understood and a matter in which God Himself has supplied the basics for us to understand it—but mostly these have not been carefully studied and people have read a little and jumped tom any erroneous conclusions and ignorance has largely prevailed. It is our hope that this concise information will help many to respond in a more effective way to the questions raised by dress reform. Many people hear or read about dress reform, and many people reject dress reform, but most do not understand the laws of the body that are actually sound. With proper understanding of how the body functions, can cause people to re-evaluate their position on this topic. Many people will recognize as the ‘Virtuous Woman’ chapter. Read the rest of this entry