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The Adventist Church and War

Adventist Ministers in Nazi Uniform


As Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives with His disciples almost two thousand years ago, His disciples asked Him about the signs of His coming, and the end of the world.  In Matt 24:6 (first part), He replied, “And ye shall hear of ways and rumours of wars.” Read the rest of this entry


And Follow Their Faith!

Compiled by Hans Fleschutz

In memoriam of those in the Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement who died for their faith.

Testimonies of faithfulness and steadfastness during Germany’s dark days


More than twenty years have passed since the terrible Second World War ended. Much has been spoken and written about that time. In several places memorials have been erected as a reminder of those inexpressible sufferings. In that time of great apostasy when the fury of war did its destructive work and the god of war was worshiped and glorified by nominal Christians, there were still people who had the courage to acknowledge Jesus as their Lord. They knew that salvation could be found in only One–Jesus Christ. Through love for their Lord they fulfilled His will; they “loved not their lives unto death” and courageously stood firm for their precious faith.

Faith is proven in times of testing. Thus the period under the rulership of the swastika was also a hard test for God’s people. The purpose of the Reformation has always been to educate soldiers under the cross. During that trial of World War II, these soldiers of Christ proved themselves victorious – faithful unto death. Read the rest of this entry