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The Godhead and the Holy Spirit Part 1

By Tony Rykers

Today there is a tremendous amount of discussion and conjecture about who or what the Holy Spirit is. As Seventh-day Adventists we believe in the three persons of the Godhead, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit or as Ellen White says:

Three living persons of the heavenly trio; {Ev 615.1}

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Melchisedec the King of Peace, the Holy Spirit

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The Third Person of the Godhead

By Peter D. Lausevic, Audio: mp3

In our last few studies we have looked at the Godhead, the Father and especially at Jesus and how he is the eternal God and the sacrifice he made for mankind. In this study we want to look at the Holy Spirit and about him being the third person of the Godhead and what he is.

I am instructed to say, The sentiments of those who are searching for advanced scientific ideas are not to be trusted. Such representations as the following are made: “The Father is as the light invisible: the Son is as the light embodied; the Spirit is the light shed abroad.” “The Father is like the dew, invisible vapor; the Son is like the dew gathered in beauteous form; the Spirit is like the dew fallen to the seat of life.” Another representation: “The Father is like the invisible vapor; the Son is like the leaden cloud; the Spirit is rain fallen and working in refreshing power.”  {Ev 614.1} Read the rest of this entry