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The Disapointments Along the Way

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It is the duty of every gospel preacher to point out the way to heaven. Not to just point out the way, but to point out the turns and bends and everything that will be met along the way. The king of preachers Jesus Christ through his life and in his three years of ministry was pointing out the way to heaven. It is our duty to share what the Christian will experience along the way so there are no surprises. The Christian before he becomes released from bondage is born into this bondage and grows into the bondage. It doesn’t seem to be all of a sudden apparent. Israel grew and they multiplied and they had task masters put over them and it increased and when Moses came it got harder. The way of the Christian is that there is an awakening to a sense of bondage. Have I awoken to the bondage in my life? Have I awoken to the things that are giving me a hard time or haven’t I got to that stage yet? If we have not yet perhaps we can ask the Lord to come to Pharaoh and then things will get worse for us. When we feel these lashes upon our shoulders we will desire to be free. Read the rest of this entry