The King of the North and the Syria crisis

By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare

To its great credit Syria has had good relations between communities but all is being destroyed as the New World Order divides on its way to conquer. This is not only NWO policy but Zionist policy which wants to ensure that no Middle East country is strong enough to stand up against Israeli expansionism. Syrian Girl is telling it as it is. She is to be commended.”

  • The truth about Syria is being revealed by activist and blogger ‘Syrian Girl’ (Mimi Al-Laham) who spells out what others fear to think, let alone say. For example, everybody realizes that the Americans are arming al-Qaeda but few know that the Rothschild national banks are behind the attacks on Libya and Syria.

    These banks are at the heart of the New World Order run by a global elite intent on controlling the rest of the world by putting it into un-repayable debt. They do it by ensuring that everybody is trapped into borrowing money at high interest. For ever after, the interest is paid, paid and paid again to keep the elite in clover.

    As soon as the Gaddafi government had been defeated the globalists put the Libyan national bank back under Rothschild control. It’s also what they are doing to Egypt which has been trapped into accepting USD 4.8 billion, at interest, from the International Monetary Fund. What a mistake by President Morsi! And since when have true Muslims agreed to pay riba? In either case, Libya or Egypt, the New World Order has no intention of allowing an Islamic national bank which would issue its own money at no interest.

    Moreover, those who borrow in dollars have to repay in dollars and, when the time comes, the international financiers crash the currency exchanges thereby ensuring that the borrowed money becomes un-repayable. The result is that national assets have to be sold at rock-bottom prices to the financiers.

    At present Syria has no debt from the IMF. It only has loans from friends such as Russia. It is therefore becoming a target for American and NATO aggression.

    Let nobody make the mistake of thinking that national bank independence does not matter. If a country is free from foreign financial control, it can have an independent foreign policy.

    And that is the second big reason, identified by Syrian Girl, as to why the New World Order is determined to attack Syria. In Palestine, Iraq and Libya, Syrian foreign policy has been anti-Zionist, anti-globalist and anti-New World Order. Syria is one of the few countries which do not recognise the self-pitying, aggressive, apartheid entity of Zionist Israel. Syria can have this foreign policy because it has an independent central bank.

    So Rothschild control is what the New World Order intends for Syria. As also is control by Monsanto and the other big international agricultural corporations. Syria has no Genetically Modified Organisms because opposition to GMO is embodied in Syrian law.

    When Iraq was invaded in 2003 one of the first things the Americans did was to issue the notorious Bremer Orders. Order 81 insisted that Iraqi farmers could not store their own seeds, developed over hundreds of years. Instead, they must buy Frankenstein seeds which have to be bought annually from Frankenstein corporations like Monsanto. These seeds have terminator genes which ensure that the seeds can only be used for one season. In India, one small farmer commits suicide every half an hour (usually in the very painful way of drinking herbicide). If a crop fails the small farmers cannot rely on stored seed but must buy Monsanto seed and borrow at interest rates of a minimum of 50 – 60% and often 100% or more.

    Food supply is now another way by which the global elite is coming to control other countries. The world is having to get used to the fact that, when the Americans get involved, an iron law prevails Pay Monsanto or Starve.

    Syrian Girl points out that natural gas has been discovered off the Syrian coast and that there are plans for a pipeline going from Iran, through Iraq and Syria, to Europe. The New World Order, however, intends otherwise Zionism requires that nothing Iranian can be allowed.

    There is then something which, too often, is being forgotten by populations watching international television unique national identity. Syria has its own production; how the international corporations hate that! At one time there was no American Coca-Cola although, regrettably, it has wheedled its way in.

    Syria has laudably resisted the entry of foreign companies. The desire to make everybody the same is really a cunning way of preparing people for enslavement by the global elite and one world government. The cry of Free Syria is really the desire to Enslave Syria, and everybody else in due course.

    To its great credit Syria has had good relations between communities but all is being destroyed as the New World Order divides on its way to conquer. This is not only NWO policy but Zionist policy which wants to ensure that no Middle East country is strong enough to stand up against Israeli expansionism. Syrian Girl is telling it as it is. She is to be commended.

    The King of the North

    In the Review and Herald there was an article to stay many thoughts that were swelling at the time in reference to the question on the king of the north.

    “We have seen no new interpretation which in our judgement is superior to the old. We believe that the conclusions held by us from the beginning of this movement, that Turkey is represented by the term “King of the North” in the prophecy is correct. And because just at this present juncture in the affairs of this world there seem to be no prospect that turkey will plant her palaces at Jerusalem is no reason why we should change our view of the question. If we can not see then it is best to wait and bide God’s time for fuller light and watch Him work things around us as we believe His Word reveals that He will.” {RH January 30, 1919]

    This man supported Turkey as the King of the North even though there were suggestions that it wasn’t. He was telling everyone to wait. New thoughts on the daily of Daniel 8 and the King of the North started rumbling from World War 1 and then in World War 2 again nothing happened. So they began to think perhaps they were wrong about their prophecy. By the close of World War 2 in 1944 they thought it was time to overhaul Daniel and Revelation by Uriah Smith on many levels not just the King of the North. Large parts of the book were rewritten, chopped up, thrown out and a huge amount of information was missing. In the 1944 edition there were things written there by another hand things that happened after Uriah Smith’s death. Many portions of Revelation 17, 8 and 9 and the seals to mention a few, were missing It doesn’t make sense when you read it. This is what the editors wrote in the forward of this revised version of Daniel Revelation.


    “In offering this book to the public, the publishers believe they are doing a great service to its readers. The author of this book lived and wrote a generation ago, and in the literary and polemic style of those times. His interpretation of prophecy, however, and the doctrines of truth he established through intensive study of the Scriptures, have borne the test of time and of diligent scrutiny by Bible students. Indeed, they have borne the test so well that they are the more worthy of being perpetuated in a revised edition, and in the new setting of our times, which it is our great pleasure to offer in this present attractive form.” (Forward to the edited 1944 version of ‘Daniel and the Revelation’.)

    In summary, they said it’s so great that they had to redo it! With these changes in 1944 other people started reinterpreting Daniel and Revelation. One man who lived at this time was Lewis F Weir. He rewrote his own views on the King of the North, the Trumpets and the Sealing message and other subjects. He twisted them all. He wrote a book in 1949 called Mrs Ellen White, Uriah Smith and the King of the North. In this book he referred to one statement by Ellen White (which actually doesn’t refer to the King of the North) where she said “he shall do according to his will”.

    This phrase is also used in reference to the king of Persia and many other kings but he said that statement by Ellen White undoubtedly supported the King of the North. The rest of the book slanders Uriah Smith character because Uriah Smith opposed the 1888 message [although later he confessed his mistaken attitude and was duly reinstated in the good books.] In his book he says Jones is right and Uriah Smith is wrong. Many people say that Uriah Smith was wrong about Daniel and Revelation, but there is no statement about that at all. Ellen White only rebuked him over the 1888 message for not receiving the message given by Waggoner and Jones. In his book he upholds Jones and pulls down Uriah Smith but Jones actually believed the King of the North was Turkey.

    Here is a question. If the son of a farmer had three paddocks and he wanted to plant wheat in the first, oats in the seconds and corn in the third. Then his father said to plant wheat in the first, oats in the second, and barley in the third so he plants wheat in the first, oats in the second and corn in the third, was he an obedient son? Was he obedient in two cases? Are you sure? How do you tell whether he was obedient? It is whether it crosses his opinion. He actually wanted wheat in the first paddock so who was he obeying? His father or himself? He was obeying himself. In the second paddock he also obeyed himself. It appeared that he was obeying his father in both instances but he wasn’t it was only that his fathers opinion agreed with his own. The test came on the third paddock where he wanted something else. So it is in the dialog about the King of the North.

    Weir quotes in his book that James White believed the papacy was the King of the North and he upholds James White but he doesn’t agree with him on Armageddon. So just because you agree on one topic doesn’t mean that you are completely in harmony with that person. A lot of people are bitter towards Uriah Smith because he rejected the 1888 message and his rejection of the strong testimonies that came to him and they throw his book in the bin. In 1854 Uriah Smith was a young man and he had joined the Review the year before.

    We do not believe that Russia is “the king of the north.” It is our opinion that any power that reigns over Syria is – for the time being – “the king of the north,” spoken of Daniel 11. Hence that the Turkish Dynasty is now [1854] that power. If Russia, Austria, England, or France should become possessed of supreme power over Syria, then it – which ever it might be – would become the king of the north.” Till then none but the Turkish Dynasty occupies that position, in our opinion. Review and Herald Dec 12, 1854

    James White later wrote an article supporting a different view. Weir maintains in his book that early Adventists always believed the King of the North as the papacy until the 1870’s. That is not true. The following authors support Turkey as the King of the North.

  1. G.W. Holt – 1852
  2. R. F. Cottrell – 1853
  3. Uriah Smith – 1862
  4. 4. W.A. Spicer – 1903
  5. S.N. Haskell – 1908
  6. 6. W.H. Branson – 1913
  7. 7. F.M. Wilcox – 1912
  8. 8. C. M. Snow – 1913
  9. G.B. Star – 1914

Weir got his ideas from a book called ‘Faith of our Fathers’ written by Froom. In that book Froom makes a statement that has no support. He said “the first 16 years of Adventist history supported the papacy as the king of the north.” He has no support for it but Weir merely took on board the works of Prescott and Weir and wrote the book and people today have lapped it up. He also bought out the 144,000 are only those who are living at the close of probation. The following is a testimony to a family from Sister White:

You seem to have special bitterness against Elder [Uriah] Smith, and some others of our brethren, and you have talked out these feelings in your family, thus leavening them. The Lord has seen fit to counsel Elder Smith, to give him words of reproof because he had erred; but is this an evidence that God has forsaken him? {15MR 16.1}

The bitterness against Smith leavened this family. Can our negative speaking leaven people even of the good work they have done?

Satan will seek to divert the minds of those who should be established, strengthened, and settled in the truths of the first, second, and third angels’ messages. The students in our schools should carefully study Daniel and the Revelation, so that they shall not be left in darkness, and the day of Christ overtake them as a thief in the night. I speak of this book [Uriah Smith’s book] because it is a means of educating those who need to understand the truth of the Word. This book should be highly appreciated. It covers much of the ground we have been over in our experience. If the youth will study this book and learn for themselves what is truth, they will be saved from many perils.{1MR 63.4}

Do you take the Spirit of Prophecy where it agrees with you? When the testimony of Jesus says this book should be highly appreciated, do you agree with that? If it crosses your opinion and your take your opinion, are you obedient even though you have agreed with many other statements? No because the test of obedience is where something crosses your opinion.

The truth for this time has been brought out in many books. Let those who have been dealing in cheap sentiments and foolish tests, cease this work and study Daniel and the Revelation. They will then have something to talk about that will help the mind. As they receive the knowledge contained in this book, they will have in the treasure house of the mind a store from which they can continually draw as they communicate to others the great, essential truths of God’s Word.{1MR 62.4}

What is this book for? It is for communicating the prophecies to the world. A cheap sentiment is like a conspiracy theory. There are no such things in his book. How many prophecies today hang on conspiracy theories that excite the mind when the study of this book will give you something practical to talk about?

The light given was that Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation, The Great Controversy, and Patriarchs and Prophets, would make their way. They contain the very message the people must have, the special light God had given His people. The angels of God would prepare the way for these books in the hearts of the people. {CEv 21.1}

Do you agree? Does this book have a special light? Some say it had a special light in their day but not today. We will come to that point in a moment.

Those who are preparing to enter the ministry, who desire to become successful students of the prophecies, will find Daniel and the Revelation an invaluable help. They need to understand this book. It speaks of past, present, and future, laying out the path so plainly that none need err therein. Those who will diligently study this book will have no relish for the cheap sentiments presented by those who have a burning desire to get out something new and strange to present to the flock of God. The rebuke of God is upon all such teachers. {1MR 61.2}

In the 1940s through to 1960s there was a movement called The Shepherd’s Rod. They did damage to these prophecies. They were not in line with Historic Adventism, even though they claimed to be. They got a following and then after a while it died flat. The Lord is not in that. The LORD has sustained this movement from 1844 through to 1905 and it was established upon a platform of Truth.

Four Special Books.–Daniel and Revelation, Great Controversy, Patriarchs and Prophets, and Desire of Ages should now go to the world. The grand instruction contained in Daniel and Revelation has been eagerly perused by many in Australia. This book has been the means of bringing many precious souls to a knowledge of the truth. Everything that can be done should be done to circulate Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation. I know of no other book that can take the place of this one. It is God’s helping hand. [–MS 76, 1901.}

Do you agree? Do you have your own opinion or will you take the testimony of Jesus, even if it crosses you? I want to make a point in reference to these four books. Each book has its special purpose. People that advocate Daniel and Revelation above any other book often disregard the Godhead. Ellen White is talking about four books that should go to the world. Daniel and The Revelation was written for prophecy. As for the divinity of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit read the Desire of Ages and stand on that.

The interest in Daniel and the Revelation is to continue as long as probationary time shall last. God used the author of this book as a channel through which to communicate light to direct minds to the truth. Shall we not appreciate this light, which points us to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, our King? {1MR 63.1}

Is this a book for today? Do the canvassers canvas this book today? Not at all. Yet they say they do such a grand work. The prophet said a new order of books would be written. They would go into the cities and do a wonderful work. It is a wonderfully bad work. The testimony of Jesus said this book should continue as long as time shall last. God used the author of the book Daniel and the Revelation as a channel through which to communicate light and direct minds to the truth. We should appreciate not ridicule it for it points us to the coming of our Lord Jesus. Let’s take up the books that God has approves of and not other books written in the 1940’s that pull down and weaken the faith of the people in the pioneers.

The very same Satan is at work to undermine the faith of the people of God at this time. There are persons ready to catch up every new idea. The prophecies of Daniel and the Revelation are misinterpreted. These persons do not consider that the truth has been set forth at the appointed time by the very men whom God was leading to do this special work. {2SM 111.2}

If people don’t really want to read Daniel and Revelation, you can read Prophetic Waymarks by Steven Haskell. That book is in harmony.

These men followed on step by step in the very fulfillment of prophecy, and those who have not had a personal experience in this work, are to take the Word of God and believe on “their word” who have been led by the Lord in the proclamation of the first, second, and third angels’ messages.

That is an indictment to human pride. Do I have to believe someone else? Can’t the Lord channel me and give me special light to tell the world?

These messages, received and acted upon, are doing their work to prepare a people to stand in the great day of God. If we search the Scriptures to confirm the truth God has given His servants for the world, we shall be found proclaiming the first, second, and third angels’ messages. {2SM 111.2}

How many believe they proclaim the three angel’s messages? If you want to be part of the remnant you will have the testimony of Jesus. The testimony of Jesus says if you study those works to confirm them you will be preaching the first, second and third angel’s messages.

It is true that there are prophecies yet to be fulfilled. But very erroneous work has been done again and again, and will continue to be done by those who seek to find new light in the prophecies, and who begin by turning away from the light that God has already given.  {2SM 111.2}

When people find new light, what do they do? The first thing they do is turn away from the light that God has already given and play down what the pioneers have already written. That is erroneous work. Don’t pursue it. What did the General Conference say in 1895?

There is a call for new books, but the Third Angel’s message is all brought out in the publications we now have as far as it is developed, such as “Great Controversy,” “Patriarchs and Prophets” “Bible Readings” “Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation” and “Two Republics.” (General Conference Bulletin, February 13th 1895)

According to the General Conference these books contain the third angel’s message. If you want to proclaim that message study these books and you will be on track.

“Our large books, “The Desire of Ages,” “Great Controversy,” “Patriarchs and Prophets,” “Thoughts on Daniel and the Revelation,” “Bible Readings” etc., are the pillars of our denominational literature.” (E. R. Palmer, The Missionary Worker, January 18th 1905)


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